BEST SOLUTION™ has been knocking customers socks off for over twenty eight years. There's just no better feeling then watching your eyes smile from the heart , when our products restore your fine jewelry. This happens every time we demonstrate our product.. What a great feeling we get and so will you. We love our job but we love our customers even more.  BEST SOLUTION™ is gentle enough for all your jewelry.

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On that day you first laid eyes on your treasured pieces of jewelry, it was amazingly beautiful, but since then you can never really get it back to its original gorgeous brilliance. The moisture in the air, washing your hand and time, will slowly oxidize and discolor the metals. It's the amount of impurities the metalsmith adds like copper nickel or tin that makes 10, 14, 18 and 24K, and in silver .560 to .925(sterling). When cleaned with your common jewelry cleaners(that probably cleans ok) your best results are going to be a clean oxidized metal and that shouldn't be good enough for you to accept. Most jewelry cleaners are no more than ammonia and soapy water, which over time will cause additional damage by aging your treasures. It simply is not the BEST SOLUTION™.

BEST SOLUTION™ provides a two part system. First we apply our C5 Precious Metal Restorer to your precious metals that will bring them back to their natural state. This is not an easy task for your high value items. The products available currently on the market to remove tarnish and oxidation are harsh. From acids like cyanid(a familiar dip and rinse method) to an abrasive paste. 

Lets face it, I can't imagine you wanting to dip your silver in an acid, but that is exactly what most products require to remove tarnish from silver jewelry. Furthermore, applying an abrasive paste should never be used on your fine treasured jewelry. An abrasive will arbitrarily just file down the metal to reveal the fresh metal underneath.

You can, and we will do better than that for all of your valuables. "Shop Now" 

Best Solution C5 Precious Metal Restorer “Step 1” has no acids, ammonia or abrasives and will not remove or age valuable metals. Specially formulated to react with the impurity’s, our C5 will bring your jewelry's precious metal back to life by eliminating any signs of oxidation, solder burns from repairs, scuffing and prepare it for polishing so you will once again remember just how happy your heart felt.

Best Solution Jewelry Polish “Step2” again with no acid ammonia or abrasives, applied after our C5 Precious Metal Restorer, in a matter of seconds will transform your valuables back to their original condition, and as we are often told “Better than new”. This highly formulated solution both cleans and polishes all metals and stones. A simple spray will be enough and occasionally a light brushing with a soft brush under the stones to aid in removing stubborn debris such as hardened soap from hand washing, lotions, hairspray and household cleaners that leave a film.

Your eyes will pop, you heart will beat and your smile will grow. You wont be able to contain it. Restoring your memories one piece at a time.

So if you're satisfied with regular cleaning that eventually damages and ages your treasured jewelry with harsh cleaners over time, we'll respect your choice.  But if you would love to hand your valuables to your children's, children’s, children, consider the most advanced technology in professional jewelry care available for in home use.

Anyone passing our locations, that wears jewelry, will find our product's results irresistible to pass up. We look forward to an opportunity to share our top shelf results in restoring your finest jewelry of gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, bronze, nickel, alternative metals, diamonds, pearls, opals, turquoise, jade, emeralds, all precious and semi-precious stones. Even gentle enough for all your costume jewelry. Thats right, BEST SOLUTION is gentle enough for every piece of jewelry you and your family and friends own.

A unique formulation that goes beyond industry standards.